Welcome to North Boulevard West. Every person has a story, but don’t think our stories are perfect nor that we have our lives completely in order. We are a group of imperfect people on a journey to grow toward maturity as disciples of Jesus Christ. If you are willing to consider the advantages of following Jesus, without prejudice and judgment, then you’ve found your place.

Visionary members of the North Boulevard Church of Christ gave their prayers and financial gifts toward the dream of launching a new satellite campus as a part of a larger spiritual awakening. The West Campus launched on April 6, 2014, meeting in the Lane Agri-Park where we convert empty rooms into a worship center, nursery, and children’s classrooms.

Our goal is to restore God’s original intent for His people. That restoration compels us to follow Jesus Christ and to base our faith in Scripture. Reflecting the love of God, we seek to bless our community and our world. We seek to live in a way that shows our joy that God’s grace provides strength and hope.

Now we invite you to join our story.

Our dress is casual, our environment is relaxed, and our church family looks forward to welcoming you. Come join us for worship at 10:00 a.m. this Sunday!