North Boulevard West is a warm and welcoming congregation that encourages folks to come as they are.  Our strengths include our children’s program and our friendly atmosphere.  We also provide members of all ages many opportunities to serve in the mission field.  Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Following the great commission given by Jesus, we seek to make mature disciples of Christ (Matthew 28:18-20). The most fundamental description of a disciple is a follower, a learner, or a student. These concepts imply continual growth toward maturity.  Much like the physical life cycle, we picture individuals growing through phases of spiritual infancy, childhood, young adulthood, and parenthood. Like physical parents, mature disciples are able to reproduce themselves by helping others to grow.


We hold three key values, which include…

 Love Christ– It is our belief that Jesus Christ is worthy of our worship because he is the Son of God. For this reason we gather regularly to worship Christ.

Love Scripture– A commitment to Scripture, as the inspired word of God, is the foundation of spiritual growth and of unity among believers. Group opportunities are provided to help learn and apply Scripture to everyday life.

Love Others– To follow Jesus is to demonstrate love for other people. We seek opportunities to help others with physical, emotional and spiritual needs.